Blue Jean Mola Bags & Accessories

These one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories are made from recycled jeans and feature Panamanian "molas,"  textile art by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama. Viva Panama!

Handmade by Panamanian cousins

Aura & Sheila

Colorful Small Tote Bags

Colorful small tote bags, base roughly 10-1/2" x 8-1/2", with mola and Panamanian montuno fabric. 
$12 +$7.20 shipping.


Pretty Denim Handbag

Pretty denim handbag, base roughly 15"x13", with matching strap, decorative back pockets and embellishments. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Panamanian Montuno Fabric

Panamanian montuno fabric makes a colorful strap for this roughly 12"x12" denim handbag with a parrot mola on 
the back. 
$22 +$7.20 shipping.

Sea-Shell Strap Purse

The sea-shell strap is a unique feature in this denim purse with colorful scarf belt, and decorative back pockets. 
Roughly 11-1/2" x 9" base. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Butterflies Are Free Handbag

Butterflies Are Free denim handbag with large cross shoulder strap. Embroidered, beaded butterflies in the front and on the strap, butterfly pin, decorative back pockets. Roughly 10" x 10" base. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping,

Khaki Purse with Suede Strap

Khaki purse with suede strap, parrot mola and decorative beads. The base is 19" bottom width, roughly 10" height. 
$18 +$7.20 shipping.

"Love" Themed Jean Purse

"Love" themed jean purse with Panamanian montuno fabric braided strap, cosmetic beaded chain, peace sign. 
Base roughly 13"x8", 
$24 +$7.20 shipping.

Peace & Love Denim Purse

Peace and Love denim purse, base roughly 12"x9", decorative back pockets. 
$28 +$7.20 shipping.

Crab Mola Cross Shoulder Bag

July Birthday? A crab mola makes this cross-shoulder bag a perfect present for your favorite Cancerian girl. Base 16" x 12-1/2" Beaded waist chain. 
$34 +$7.20 shipping.

Fish Mola Shoulder Bag

Fish for Compliments with this 13"x11" denim shoulder bag with tasteful scarf waist band. 
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Watermelon Mola w/ Waist Chain

Swing These Jeans over your Shoulder. Base 16" x 12-1/2", watermelon mola, 
waist chain.
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Skechers Distressed Denim Purse

Skechers distressed denim purse, base roughly 12"x10", parrot mola, Panamanian flag key tag, red pom-pom belt, rhinestones in front and back. 
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Denim Handbag

Denim handbag, base roughly 12"x11", Panamanian montuno fabric flower and peace patch on front, beaded dangling chain, decorative pocket on back. 
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Small Denim Purse

Small roughly 10"x9" denim purse, mola in front, beaded belt, decorative pockets 
in back. 
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Small Butterfly Denim Purse

Small denim purse, roughly 10"x9", mola and Panamanian flag key tag in front, butterfly embroidered pockets on back. 
$30 +$7.20 shipping.

Mola Tote Bag

Mola tote bag, base roughly 13"x13", with Panamanian flag key chain. 
$28 +$7.20 shipping.

Mola Bag

Mola bag, base roughly 14"x12", zipper, leopard print lining. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Fashion Shoulder Bag

Denim as Fashion. 15-1/2" x 12" shoulder bag with wood-bead flower-shaped accessory. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Apple Mola Bag

Apple for the Teacher. Roughly 15" x 14-1/2" cross-shoulder jeans handbag with apple mola and festive red pom-pom waistband. 
$34 +$7.20 shipping.

High Fashion Denim

High Fashion Denim. Dress up your good jeans with the perfect fashion accessory. Bottom width16", height 13-1/2". 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Levi Strauss Denim Handbag

Levi Strauss denim handbag, base roughly 17"x15", Panamanian montuno fabric waist band, colorful striped belt for the strap, Panamanian flag key tag. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

St. Johns Bay Denim Handbag

St. Johns Bay denim handbag, base roughly 18"x14", decorative front, dangling chain. $36 +$7.20 shipping.

Arizona Jean Co. Denim Handbag

Arizona Jean Co. denim handbag, base roughly 16"x13", Panamanian montuno fabric belt, dangling cosmetic pearl chain, Panamanian flag key tag and 
strawberry mola. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Viva Panama!

Viva Panama! Large 18"x14" denim handbag, Panamanian montuno fabric belt and highlights, Panamanian flag key tag, mola in the front and back. 
$36 +$7.20 shipping.

Juicy Couture Denim Handbag

Juicy Couture soft denim handbag, base roughly 16"x13", decorated front, mola on back, sparkly scarf belt. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Mola Handbag with Scarf Belt

Mola handbag, roughly 15" x 12", mola in the front and back, decorative scarf belt. $32 +$7.20 shipping.

Distressed Denim Handbag

Distressed denim handbag, roughly 16"x10", mola and dangling beads in front. Decorative pockets in back. 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.

Denim Vest

Denim Vest, XS, rhinestones in front, 
mola on back. 
$28 +$7.20 shipping.


Mola Purse with Braided Strap

Mola purse, base roughly 11"x7", braided strap, decorated front, mola on back. 
$24 +$7.20 shipping.

Small Handpainted Bag

Small Handpainted Bag. 6" x 9" canvas.
$12 +$7.20 shipping.

Flirty Fashion Bag

Montuno Fabric creates the flower and accessorizes the strap of this flirty fashion bag. Base roughly 9-1/2" x 9-1/2".
$16 +$7.20 shipping.

Braided Montuno & Denim Strap

Braided Jeans. Panamanian montuno fabric is braided with denim to create the waist band for this roughly 18" x 14" cross-shoulder bag with flower mola. 
$34 +$7.20 shipping.

Denim Cell-Phone Carrier

Pocket-sized denim cell-phone carrier 
with Panamanian mola. 
$8 +$5.75 shipping.

Panama Canal Zone Zonians

The Panama Canal Zone Zonians Group is dedicated to anyone who lived in the Zone and considered themselves a Zonian (whether they worked for the military, the canal, or were dependents). This page is also open to anyone from Panama...

Simple & Elegant Handbag

Simple and Elegant. Cross-shoulder jeans handbag with Montuno fabric flower, beaded waist chain, arrow pin. 
Base 17" x 15". 
$32 +$7.20 shipping.